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The Talk
Conversations to consider about Assisted Living

Now that you have decided to look into an assisted living community, you ought to ask the opinion and the willingness of your loved one(s) because it would not be a small change in their lives. Consequently, in most cases, it could be a difficult conversation to have.

To move forward, it might be beneficial to remember (1) why you want to have the conversation in the first place, (2) it is a group decision because the whole family is in it all together, (3) and it is a positive move.

Why The Conversation?

You may not be living your life the way you imagined. More time is lost on doing activities of daily living for your loved one(s) instead of enjoying your own life. In addition, you could also be worrying about them when you are not with them.

Moving to an Assisted Living Community gives you peace of mind and time back because there are professional caregivers taking over the responsibilities, ultimately benefiting your physical, mental, social, and sometimes financial health.

It Is A Group Effort

Many elders think that their children are abandoning them by moving them to an Assisted Living Community. That is not a warm and fuzzy thought. That is why it is critical to have the conversation and make the decision as a family. 

If there are other family members, bring them into the loop. Talk about the reality of the situation. Then discuss potential options. If there is a clear need and benefit of moving Mom and/or Dad to an Assisted Living Community, then make a decision and plan together to meet the needs of the elder. Most importantly, plan and visit them!

It Is A Positive Move

The guilt of placing Mom and/or Dad somewhere strange might still be lingering on your mind. It is normal and completely understandable. However, we need to remind ourselves why we are where we are. 

In the end, the move is a positive one because most of us are not professional caregivers and/or healthcare workers. We also have a family and/or a job that requires (s) our attention and time.

 Therefore, by trusting professional caregivers in an Assisted Living Community that have constant help around, your loved one(s) will have the proper care and you will sleep better at night.

Still not sure how to have The Talk?

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