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Friendly Senior Assisted Living in San Diego

Looking for peace of mind and a senior retirement home for you and your loved one? We are here for you.

San Diego's weather compliments our garden oasis, creating an environment of relaxation and rejuvenation. With around the clock senior care, friendly neighbors, gourmet meals, and cozy rooms, we make our senior residents feel "at home" here at Huntington Manor senior housing.

Assisted Living Services in Poway, CA

Assisted Living

We are committed to meeting the unique needs of each of our residents.

Our staff is at our retirement home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your comfort with our supported living to provide personalized in-depth care tailored to your individual needs.
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Retirement Community & Amenities

We are “surrounded by beauty” and rich in history for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Imagine  yourself enjoying music and dog therapy in the horticulture and rose gardens. You will not need to worry about housekeeping and medication management
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Finding Senior Living Solutions in San Diego?

For many reasons, people move to assisted living communities because they can no longer take care of themselves or you can no longer be the primary caregiver for your loved one(s). It is time to ask for help. However, the big question is “WHERE DO I START?” and "What assisted living home is near me?" Click on the button below to make this learning experience easy where we answer most of the questions you may have on senior homes in San Diego.
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Assisted Living Is What We Do

We understand the difficult choices that take place when moving a loved one to an assisted living facility. 

We will maintain the highest level of professionalism and kindness to provide individual quality care for all of our residents.
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Our Senior Residents & Families Love Us!

  •  I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for your care during my recent stay. I arrived in extremely poor health and, after a subsequent hospital stay, returned to Huntington Manor to regain my health. Your staff was always attentive and courteous and went out of their way to ensure I was comfortable. 

    Please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. I would recommend Huntington Manor to anyone in need of such care. 

     - MAGGIE VELTE, Rehabilitation Resident

  •  My grandfather seems to be really happy at Huntington Manor. He has been eating well and the staff has been wonderful about checking in on him and getting him he needs. 

    Thank you so much for all you and the Huntington Manor staff are doing  to make my grandfather feel at home

    - NICOLE S., Family Member
  •  My mother was a resident of Huntington Manor for 14 years and passed away there. We cannot say enough about the care and love showed to her while being there. They have such compassion and she was treated like family. They addressed her every need and  were open and loving to our family as well.

    It was a comfort to know your loved one is in  such a place where you can be confident that special care is being administered. We highly recommend Huntington Manor and always suggest this facility when someone is looking for a caring and competent place.

    - JIM AND JEANE LIVESEY, Resident Family
  •  I have lived here three and a half years and not one day in that time do I regret. I have  been very happy with the care, and their caregivers really do care. 

    The food in this establishment is outstanding and it has the most beautiful garden... I can go out and see the birds and beautiful flowers in bloom all year round. 

    - BEA HOWARD, Resident

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