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The Huntington Manor Campus
Where you can take a deep breath and enjoy the sound of the birds, running water, and the wind brushing through the trees. At Huntington we help you gain peace of mind.

Huntington Manor Could Be Your Next Home

Huntington Chateau

A six(6) unit cozy home staffed by caregivers 24/7 to attend the needs of your loved one. If you are looking for a setting that reminds your loved one of staying at their own home, the Chateau is the right place. We have a living room, kitchen, and a backyard just like at home.

Huntington House

Like the Chateau, the House has six(6) rooms, but it has been dedicated as an all-female residence. If your loved one would like to stay in a smaller setting but with the option to explore our 3.5-acre campus and play games at our bigger building, the Manor, the House could be your next home.

Huntington Manor

The Manor serves as our longest standing building on the campus. Residents staying here enjoy the care from our staff in a family-like atmosphere with plenty of socialization. We host games, movies, and other fun activities for everyone to participate in. And most importantly, our main dining hall is the Manor.
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The Grounds & Gardens

We've always believed that nature is one of the best ways to ease complicated emotions and loneliness. Nature offers a relaxed environment, disconnected from the noise of the world. At Huntington Manor, we provide a lifestyle where your loved on can enjoy the outdoors, where they can have real fresh air but in a controlled environment. We have a Koi Fish Pond, Chicken Coop, and a beautiful garden for everyone to experience and appreciate.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has further proven that our theory that making the outdoors available is crucial to happy living. Our residents love the option to get out of their rooms and take a deep breath each and every day.

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