Hello families, friends, residents, and staff,

It is my pleasure to write to you. Hope this email finds you well!

I am not sure about you, but it feels like we are playing in the fourth quarter of the Superbowl. We are up by one possession with minutes on the clock. Now, we might even play in Overtime. The feeling is a mixture of excitement and unsettlement because we are so close to winning. Yet, it is not all that content because losing is still possible. The stake is high. 

As you are aware, COVID-19 cases are going up at the moment in the nation; the holiday and flu season is approaching, and pandemic fatigue is getting real. With these factors combined, we are entering new territory on the pandemic timeline. Many permutations could happen that could lead to group gatherings, which could lead to an infection. Since we at Huntington Manor have been successful in having zero (0) positive cases on site so far, we are confident that we can continue. However, we need your help in keeping the guards up for just a bit longer in limiting visits, preserving Social Distancing, wearing masks, and most importantly, taking care of yourselves.

On that note, I would like to say thank you for trusting us to offer day-to-day care, delicious food, and housing to your loved ones. Thank you for cooperating with us in keeping the virus out of our community. 

As the holidays approach, we really wanted to host an event for everyone. However, under the current situation, we need to follow the regulations and healthcare guidelines closely to make sure that our residents and staff are healthy and safe. While there is no event, we will do our best to make sure residents enjoy the holidays as much as possible by serving delicious Turkey, Mash Potatoes, Nutritious Vegetable, and other festive foods and items at the community. Of course, video conferencing is always available.

Here at Huntington Manor, we are always thinking about not only the physical wellness of our residents but also the mental wellness of theirs. With that being said, we are looking to partner with UltaCare Medical to provide Talk Therapy in the community. There will be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) available on site and/or remotely for our residents who have medical insurance to speak with if they choose to. We will announce more detail. If this is an interest of yours, please let us know.

It is truly great that we are able to deliver you peace of mind with our safe and caring environment and being part of your lives because we enjoy assisting your loved ones. 

Looking forward to seeing you around and creating more memories together in the near future! 

Best Regards,

Zayden Chen
Huntington Manor
Managing Director
(619) 625-6886

Tess Derafera
Huntington Manor
(858) 208-6645

Lyndon Derafera
Huntington Chateau
(858) 214-9521

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