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Infographic on Aging Happy

June 27, 2022

When elders grow old healthy, often they are also happy, and it is also true the other way around. When they are happy, it also contributes to their health positively. One thing that is true for all of us is we all will not live forever. And for every day that passes, our life on earth gets shorter and shorter, but it is not something to be sad about. In fact, as we get older, we also get happier.

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  • Happiness is on the rise with people going into various things, hobbies, sports, and special interest.
  • The excitement of having new romantic relationships, the building of one's love life and encounters of learning more about their sex life.
  • The age when people start falling into their initial careers that will mold them into what future careers they may have.

Age 0 to 30

The Secret to Happiness is to Grow Old

Age 30 to 45

  • Happiness starts to plateau, and more responsibilities increase.
  • Most people's relationships will be more stable as they start deciding to live together with shared responsibilities.
  • Relationships may lead to children that bring in more responsibilities and challenges from having babies to taking care of teenagers.
  • Larger expenses come along, financing of expensive items such as cars and homes.
  • The larger number of challenges may contribute to a dip in happiness.

Age 45 and Above

  • More experience and wisdom come with age that helps increase happiness.
  • Better coping mechanism exist as these people know how to deal with things they most likely have dealt with before.
  • Dealing with crisis tens to be easier with less feelings of panic.
  • Expectations are set lower, where they are no longer as ambitious and idealistic like in their younger years. They are more realistic and knows what is possible and impossible.
  • They are emotionally stable where there are less wild emotional swings. In your younger years, if you have this sudden surge of happiness in huge quantities, could be followed up a big crash of emotions. The older years may still have fluctuations in happiness but not in these large swings.

Happy Equals Healthy in the Elderly

Research has proven that when the elderly grows happier, they also experience:

  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Better Memory
  • Better Decision Making

Pillars of Happiness for the Elderly

  • Staying Strong
  • Eating Well
  • Staying Curious
  • Staying Connected

Simple Happiness Contributors You Can Do Today with Your Loved Elders

  • Thank You Notes
  • Quick Phone Calls
  • Random Greeting Cards
  • Small Gifts
  • Everyday Stories
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