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What is the Average Cost of Assisted Living?

September 7, 2022

Life at Huntington Manor is full of vibrant activities and social support that allow our wonderful residents to live out the later part of their lives in comfort and joy. Unfortunately, many in the community who have had no experience with assisted living facilities in the past get sticker shock when they view the costs of this type of care. It is perfectly reasonable to be a little concerned with expenses, especially in today’s age, but it may help to put these costs into perspective. Most of the time, you can expect to pay between $4,500-$7,000 per month for a quality assisted living facility. If the level care is high, it can also go beyond that range. Our beautiful home is located in sunny San Diego, California where the cost of living is about the same.

The Cost of Assisted Living in San Diego

The Cost of Assisted Living in San Diego

Of course, living in San Diego isn’t cheap. For example, a family of four has an estimated cost of $3,919, and that is without rent. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Diego is about $2,887 per month. Put those together, and you are well over the average assisted living cost.

True, that is a family compared to a single person, but consider the benefits. When you are mentally calculating how much does assisted living cost, think about all the benefits. It's all about giving the elderly a great experience as they age, respecting them, and providing appropriate activities. You have support staff, planned activities, outings, prepared meals, on-site nursing staff, and more.

The table below shows the various costs for the rest of the country. You’ll quickly see that, while the fees and expenses can range by state, they are still aligned with the quality of care your loved one receives. While California is about 11th most expensive on the list, you have plenty of other locations like Alaska, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., with far more costly monthly expenses.

2022 Assisted Living Cost by State

Cost of Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care

Some prospective families turn to in-home care for their loved ones, and that is not anywhere less expensive. The average cost of personal care per month is about $5,148.

Let’s run a simple calculation. If you have 1 to 1 care for your aging mother paid at $20 per hour for 24/7 support, your monthly expense would be $14,400. 

On the other hand, if your mom only needs 4 hours a day, that would run about $2,400 per month for someone to drop by and support her activities. That places the average cost of personal care per month on par, if not more expensive, than a quality assisted living facility.

On top of those higher fees, you don’t get the wonderful setting of a well-maintained building with chefs, activity directors, nursing care, and more. One of the significant concerns about our elderly population is loneliness. While being around family is fantastic, having a home in a location with peers from similar age ranges who share the same culture and historic perspective lowers the rates of isolation and depression.

Remember that assisted living is not a nursing home. While assisted living has some nursing staff, not everyone requires full medical assistance. These are caring communities where residents are encouraged to live a whole life with the support of an inclusive team and where families are welcome to visit and participate in activities. Most allow families to even schedule having a personal nurse come in for support if needed.

Most of our residents require minor assistance throughout the day. Caregivers help with food, bathing, using the facilities, scheduling exercises, providing activities, and medications. If you are thinking more along the lines of a retirement home, you’d be in the right direction. However, we provide more assistance, whereas a retirement home is purely independent.

How Much Does Long Term Care Insurance Cost?

Long Term Care Insurance Cost

Another question we get frequently concerns the long term care insurance cost, how it is created, what it benefits, and if there are waivers. Let’s start by saying the long term care insurance cost by age is more of a myth. The cost is determined by the hours of care your family member will need, not their age. We have seen residents in their 90s with more energy than some of our college-aged staff members.

The cost of long term care insurance will vary widely by state. In California, where we are based, there are waivers available. So if you’re wondering does Medicare/Medicaid cover assisted living costs, the answer is yes. Individuals qualified for care can find a lower cost waiver that subsidizes assisted living facilities, so your loved one is given the most comfortable living situation possible as they enter their final years. We’ll talk a bit more about this next month, so be sure to check back to our blog in the future for more insight.

For planning ahead of your long-term care funding, we can also help you out through Vincerò Financial Partners.

Finding Care and Respect in the Later Years

We hope this post has been able to burst a few myths surrounding assisted living care. No matter the cost, we want to emphasize the most important aspect is finding a quality facility that offers a warm environment full of supportive care and respect for the residents.

Whether you choose to visit our location at Huntington Manor or wish to pursue another venture, we are most concerned that you find the best match for your loved one. After living such a long life, they deserve a bit of a rest in a safe and active community where they can feel welcome and appreciated.

If you want to learn more about what we do at Huntington Manor, please schedule a call or tour with our office. As always, please visit our assisted living blog to read more about elder care in the U.S. Thank you for reading!

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